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Cheryl Evangelos

“The Navigator”

About Shamanic Navigation

Using the principles of Shamanic Journeying, participants are led through spiritual passages to their Divine Selves. Personal goals and life's missions are identified, and aspects of fear and limitations are transcended. This is done on an individual and/or group level. It serves those who are seeking guidance and wish to be an engaged member of an awakening consciousness focused on a sustainable world of cooperative, loving abundance for all.

A recent online course with John Perkins was like hearing my song sung back to me. I have been practicing shamanic techniques for close to 20 years. Other teachers like Rosalyn Bruyere, Ohki Simine Forest, and Gregg Braden have always confirmed what my own Spiritual teachers have taught me. We are all one. There is no separateness when we connect through the Divine, eternal part of ourselves. The energy field that binds us together is pure, abundant Love.

I offer to act as your guide on this path of Love, back to your own true nature.

Individual and Group Sessions and Services

Individual sessions: 1–1 ½ hours ($125/session).
Ongoing study: $100/month.
Group sessions: 2 hours ($300/session).

  • Power animal identification
  • Energy field assessment & balancing
  • Past-life regressions
  • Life path clarification
  • Journeys to release fears & limitations to obtaining highest potential
  • Identification of group intent through meditiation
  • Journeys to create harmonic group energy
  • Guidance in acheiving group goals
  • Realization of creative forces
  • Flower essence & essential oil therapy

Now Accepting Students

I am currently accepting a limited number of students who will receive individual instruction on living as a spiritual being in a physical world. Rates will be discussed.

Contact Cheryl

If you would like to book a session or ask a question, please get in touch with Cheryl using the form below or by calling 207-273-2490.